Weapons of Mass Reduction category: Lose the Drama

Not really Lose the Drama. This is more of embrace the emotion.
I was raised by my Grandparents, as apparently having children does not make the parent.
My Grandmother and I were very close, even after I left home when I joined the military. We spoke often and I visited home as much as I could.
She died two years ago after spending far too long in ICU and hospice. I can’t even think about it without tears and pain.
I was fortunate enough to stay with my Grandfather during these three months as I can work from anywhere and my son stayed with me as his school is all online.

For Mother’s Day this year I planted roses in the front as she loved roses and always had beautiful rose bushes. Unlike my Grandmother, I have a black thumb so I opted for Double Knock Out roses in hopes that they would a) bloom and b) live.
I ordered these roses online (buy one get one free) and they arrived right before Mother’s Day.
After calling the dig hotline and the key areas were marked, so I don’t take out the neighborhood phone lines, I dug the holes.
As I dug, I thought about the beautiful red roses my Grandmother would cut and proudly display in our home. The bushes and vines she would prune while wearing her straw hat, gloves and rain boots. She was quite the southern lady and this was one way she created beauty around her. I was never the southern lady material and she knew it but she was proud of all that I did.
Once the holes were deep enough I planted the roses bushes, which consisted of roots in a peat mix and sticks at the top. Not one leaf.
I decided to forgo the weed killer in the area as apparently these darlings would need all the help they could get.
A couple of weeks went by and I noticed how well the weeds were fairing. The roses, not so much. Some leaves. I decided to use rose fertilizer.
I ordered these roses online (buy one get one free) and they arrived right before Mother’s Day
Early morning Friday I set out to tackle those weeds that I had neglected. I saw last rose bush I planted had a tiny bud in the first phase of blooming. I was so excited that I even took pictures!
Now a few days later and over a dozen blooms are on these rose bushes.
Every time I look at them I think of my Grandmother. And sometimes I don’t even tear up.